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QA/QC Inspection and documentation

Duties of a QA/QC Department to ensure that the required specification and procedures mentioned by the client are followed in the site. Once it is ensured that the specification and procedures are followed properly, it should be necessarily documented. Which is not only an evidence for the client but also as a proof that the system will have a good service life. This course elaborates on these responsibilities and helps in performing better as a QC Personnel. .



1.Preparation of test package

  • How to read P & ID and Isometric Drawings
  • Review of test package
  • Preparation of QC Documents
  • Preparation of piping punch list after line check
  • Preparation of reinstatement reports

2. Preparation of ITP (Inspection Test Plan)

3. Review of Specification

  • Piping material classification
  • Fabrication procedure
  • Flange tightening procedure
  • PWHT Procedure
  • Pressure test procedure

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